Ask yourself this question: “Why did I become a therapist?”

That answer is unique to each of us, however, at Mobile Therapy Centers we all share this in common — we love what we do!

Each day, we provide therapy services to families across multiple cities and states, resulting in a significant impact in the lives of the families we serve. This is truly a fulfilling experience!

At Mobile Therapy Centers, we offer flexible scheduling, multidisciplinary team collaboration, efficient documentation and the resources of an exceptionally dedicated office team which combine to allow you to pursue your passion and discover your leadership talents.

Mobile Therapy Centers is Hiring in Illinois and in the Nashville/Clarksville, Tennessee area. We are expanding and looking for Full and Part Time Therapists, Assistants, Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) and Counselors. In addition, Mobile Therapy Centers has a strong history of providing clinical fellowships, internships and supervision opportunities. Please contact us for more information.

Mobile Therapy Centers is a quality, close knit, flexible company and we hope to add you to our growing team. If you are interested, or you know someone who is, contact us at 847-816-7200 or email us at

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