Telepractice is the delivery of Speech-Language Therapy, ABA Therapy and other related services at a distance. A client/patient virtually links with a therapist or clinician for an evaluation, consultation, assessment or treatment and receives services without having to be physically present. Telepractice is simply a different method of service delivery.

Telepractice is not a new concept and has been around for nearly 50 years. However, with recent technological advancements, Telepractice is becoming increasingly more mainstream for therapists and counselors, as well as physicians who provide a similar service known as Telemedicine. Research indicates that the use of Telepractice provides clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction which is consistent with results obtained through traditional in-person service delivery models.

Telepractice is used for many reasons including:

• Client/family motivation
• Flexibility of scheduling
• Fewer cancellations equals more consistent intervention
• Functional “natural” environment – child & parent/caregiver are more comfortable
• Crucial for Early Intervention – parent/caregiver participation is “built in”

At Mobile Therapy Centers our licensed and trained therapists are available to provide telepractice services to help your child achieve his/her goals. Therapists use a HIPPA compliant web-based platform to hold personalized “meetings” with your child. Parents, caregivers and/or assistants (where needed) help facilitate sessions that are highly interactive, data driven, engaging and FUN!

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