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Specialize in speech and language development delays

At Mobile Therapy Centers, we help our clients improve clarity of speech and promote use of language to participate in everyday activities. Speech Therapy, which is also referred to as Speech-Language Therapy, establishes skills for effective communication and improves speech-language delays or disorders. We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals for you and your child. Our team of Speech Therapists successfully assess and treat children with speech and language development delays. Therapists specialize in remediating deficits in Articulation, Auditory Comprehension, Language Expression, Fluency/Stuttering, Social Communication and Feeding Sensitivities. Experts also help children improve Literacy Skills (reading, writing and spelling) and Executive Functioning (problem-solving, sequencing, attention, etc.).
Speech Therapy Illinois

The diagnosis involves using specific techniques to determine an exact speech or language disorder. That includes observations on how you make certain sounds, how you understand others, and how you communicate with them. Our therapists will ensure there are no underlying medical conditions that require treatment. For example, if your child has vocal problems, the diagnosis stage will include the consultation with an ear, nose, and throat specialist (ENT). If the ENT specialist confirms the existence of specific underlying conditions regarding ear, nose, and throat functionality, they will adapt the treatment plan accordingly.

Mild, temporary speech and language development delays are common among young children. To determine if your child has a speech disorder, or just an age-appropriate delay, we offer complimentary developmental screenings. Once we determine if Speech Therapy is the right course of action for your child, we perform an evaluation or assessment. In the initial stage, our therapists meet with you and your child to detect communication or swallowing issues. Detailed exploration is a necessary precondition for selecting an appropriate course of treatment. When children are involved, our professionals take different approaches in the assessment stage. The therapist will try to estimate their current communication abilities through play. While showing various toys, the therapist will be asking specific questions. Sometimes consulting with parents and teachers will help comprehend the speech delay.

After a successful diagnosis, our Speech Therapists will design a custom treatment strategy appropriate to your child’s unique situation. Our therapists work hand in hand with you, your child, and teachers, creating a comprehensive treatment plan, as well as a way to measure progress. Everyone’s Speech Therapy is different. It varies case to case, depending on the nature and severity of the problem. Generally, it involves exercises to improve breathing, articulation, and speech dynamics. Our clients with hearing difficulties learn how to use sign language effortlessly. When it comes to Speech Therapy for children, our therapists focus on games and entertaining activities. We design the form of play to improve communication and interaction skills. In the case of older children, we aim at creating a supportive and positive environment. For that, we often require the help of family and teachers as well.

Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.

~Lawrence Clark Powell

Our professionals are committed to providing convenient access to superior quality and evidence-based resources that positively impact academic, emotional, and social success.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists specialize in many areas:

Articulation: We deal with difficulties in making sounds or pronouncing words correctly. Using so-called sound production exercises, our therapists correct sounds and syllables in words and sentences, showing you how to move the tongue to make specific sounds.

Auditory Comprehension: Our exercises help you process words and sounds.

Language Expression: With our help, issues with limited vocabulary or putting words together will soon be a thing of the past.

Fluency/Stuttering: Our Speech Therapists know how to deal with all sorts of fluency impairments, such as stuttering (a speech impediment in which the flow of speech is interrupted by unusual stops or partial-word repetitions).

Social Communication: We are committed to providing you with various exercises to improve your speaking in public and different social environments.

Voice Disorders: Our treatments are proven to be successful with pitch, volume, or quality of the voice problems.

Literacy Skills (reading, writing, spelling): Our Speech-Language Pathologists will interact with your child by playing and talking, using pictures, books, or objects to stimulate language development. We also use repetition exercises to build language skills.

Executive Functioning (problem-solving, sequencing, attention): At MTC, we can help your child overcome any problem they might have with communication skills that involve memory, attention, perception, and problem-solving.

Feeding Sensitivities: Dysphagia is an impairment of eating or drinking patterns. We utilize a variety of oral exercises — including facial massage and various tongue, lip, and jaw exercises — to strengthen the muscles responsible for eating, drinking and swallowing.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists carefully consider the causes of your child’s speech or language impairments to devise a custom treatment plan. The most common causes in children include Autism, head injury, hearing loss, learning disabilities, and neurological disorders. As stated earlier, mild, temporary speech and language development delays are very common among young children.

Autism is the leading cause of socializing difficulties. Children with Autism fail to understand social cues and therefore have communication difficulties.

Head injuries often lead to muscle weakness and coordination issues. Sometimes this causes problems with communication, while other times leads to swallowing disorders.

Hearing loss is one of the principal causes of language and communication disorders. Not being able to hear well can make talking difficult. However, Speech Therapy can significantly improve language skills, especially in young people.

For many people, learning disabilities impact their ability to communicate effectively. Speech Therapy helps in communication difficulties, improving the quality of life of those affected by learning disabilities.


At Mobile Therapy Centers, helping children is a collaborative effort.  We work closely with parents and other professionals involved in their life to maximize success. We provide services at our multidisciplinary clinics, at your home, or school/daycare.

  • Free Screenings & Consultations
  • Comprehensive Assessments
  • Multidisciplinary Meetings
  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Prevention & Intervention Services
  • Caregiver & Teacher Education
  • Home Practice Programs

The Speech Therapist at Mobile Therapy Centers will not only help a child with specific speech, language or feeding goals, but also help support the parents, teachers and other individuals in the child’s life. It is important for everyone to understand the child’s abilities and challenges so we can all help support and facilitate progress. Children who receive services through a school district can also receive private services to help supplement. For example, if a child receives 1x/week through the district, they can receive 1x/week through private for a total of 2x/week. Both therapists should connect with each other regarding treatment plans and goals.

We are devoted to providing you and your children with long-term improvement. After the treatment is over, our therapist will make sure they properly monitor your progress. Under their supervision and advice, you and your child can continue the treatment at home.

Our sincerest hope is that, through therapy, we will improve your child’s social skills and boost both self-esteem and independence.

If you have any questions regarding Speech Therapy, please call us at 800-977-9072 to schedule a FREE consultation/screening.