Fourth of July Reminders for Children with Sensory Sensitivities

One of the most exciting events in summer is the 4th of July. Barbecues, family gatherings, carnivals, and of course fireworks.

However, this holiday can quickly become a nightmare for a family who has a child with autism or other special needs. The 4th can be challenging for any child, but for someone who is prone to sensory overload, it can be extremely overwhelming.

Autism Speaks does a great job in naming a few tips and tricks for families dealing with this. These include:

• Bringing headphones or earplugs. This can help children who want to see fireworks but get overstimulated by the noise.
• Be mindful of how close you are to all the fireworks.
• Bring a favorite toy or gadget to a child while waiting in line and dealing with big crowds.
• Last but not least, make sure you and your children are prepared. Work in advance on desensitizing them to fireworks such as watching videos and seeing how they respond. Do not push them to go into crowded areas and loud atmospheres if they are not ready. You know your child best!

Stay safe and happy 4th of July!

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