What in the World is Occupational Therapy?

What in the World is Occupational Therapy?

OCCUPATIONS are how each of us spend our time and daily activities that people of all ages need/want to do.

THERAPY is a descriptor of the activities used to promote functional participation and independence.

Occupational Therapy

There are 9 Occupations:

1. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Activities of Daily Living are those activities which are oriented toward taking care of one’s own body and completed on a routine basis. Activities of daily living include tasks such as showering, toileting, dressing, feeding, eating, swallowing, personal hygiene and grooming.

Activities of Daily Living

Why do ADLs matter at Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC)? 

Gaining independence in these self-care tasks allows clients growth in life-skills and access to privacy, especially for ADLs completed in public settings such as toileting.

How do ADLs matter to YOU?

Have you ever noticed that a challenge with an ADL can affect the rest of your day?

2. Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs)

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living are those activities which support daily life within home and the community.

IADLs include: care for others, care of pets and animals, child rearing, community management,

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

driving & community mobility, financial management, home establishment & management,

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

meal preparation & cleanup, religious/spiritual expression, safety & emergency maintenance and shopping

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

Why do IADLs matter at Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC)? 

As our clients gain independence and get older, having the ability to prepare an after-school snack, make a PB&J for their lunch box, or feed the dogs allows for family development, decreased caregiver burnout, and acknowledgement of responsibility.

What types of IADLs are important to YOU? For which ones do YOU need support?

3. Play


Play exploration and play participation are internally motivating and internally controlled activities that allow for a sense of humor, expression, and can be extremely client-centered. Through play, OTs can increase innumerable skills required for function such as hand strength, posture, and social participation.

Why does this matter at Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC)?

Play is a child’s number one Occupation! Every child has an interest in some form of play. With the many versions of play, we can target goals every second!

How do YOU benefit from play?

4. Education

Education includes all activities that are required for learning and participation in an educational environment.


Why does education matter at Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC)?

Education looks different for each of our clients at MTC. Supporting education may include environmental modifications or sensory supports to increase attention while in the classroom, or developing handwriting skills to increase participation in classroom activities.

How do YOU learn best?

5. Work

Work skills include employment, but also exploring interests and performing task behaviors.


Why does this matter at Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC)? 

Our clients won’t stay small forever. Before you know it, clients have finished their school programming and will benefit from functional work. OTs break down tasks into foundational components which build skills for job performance from answering the phone to appropriate social participation in a work environment.

What skills do YOU need for your work? What makes YOU a good worker?

6. Sleep

Our bodies need rest and sleep on a daily basis to support healthy functioning (dog is optional).


Why does this matter at Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC)? 

Sleeping can be difficult for some of our clients, which then affects the quality of their functioning—and their parents’ functioning!!—the next day. We can support parents in creating a healthy bedtime routine or create sensory supports to create longer periods of sleep time.

How does sleep quality affect YOUR daily function?

7. Leisure

Leisure is a nonobligatory—but personally motivating—activity, whether relaxing or invigorating.


Why does this matter at Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC)?   

It is important for our clients to develop interests that are personal, allowing them to be unique and embrace their own personalities. Leisure is an important part of everyone’s balanced mental health, and it provides our clients with things to do other than constantly respond to outside demands.

How do YOUR leisure activities support your individuality and mental health?

8. Social participation

Social participation includes activities that involve interaction with others—peers, family, friends, and community members. 

Social participation

Why does this matter at Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC)?   

We are around people every day. Human beings are designed to live in a community with each other. Supporting clients in gaining skills, comfort, and confidence is essential to function within the community, at school, and during family rituals.

How do YOU live in a community with others?

9. Health Management

Health Management—recently added as the 9th Occupation—includes activities to develop, manage, and maintain health and wellness routines. This includes social and emotional health promotion and maintenance, symptom and condition management, communication with the health care system, medication management, physical activity, nutrition management and personal care device management.

Health Management

Why does this matter at Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC)? 

Coping skills are essential to regulation and participation in health-related tasks, as they are often perceived as unpleasant. In addition, tolerance and familiarity with doctor visit expectations allows our clients to participate in regular health maintenance.

What supports might YOU need to manage your health needs?

April is Occupational Therapy Month celebrating the meaningful differences it makes in the lives of our clients.

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