The Pediatric Foot

The Pediatric Foot

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, and accelerated child growth! Phew! That’s a lot of shoes to go through for our littles. Our feet help us, literally, from the bottom up. The human foot and ankle affect all other joints in the human body and should be screened, even if your child is not coming in for an ankle/foot concern. The human foot is intricate and deserves much attention. Figure 1, below, shows a normal progression of the pediatric foot.1,2

Figure 1: Young Pediatric Foot vs Older Pediatric Adult-like Foot.1,2

The Pediatric Foot

Flatfoot-Pediatric. Berkshire Podiatry Center Ltd.

“Why are my child’s feet so flat?” and “What is your opinion on my child’s shoes?” are common questions in the field of Pediatric Physical Therapy at Mobile Therapy Centers. The normal pediatric arch and entire foot complex is not formed until the age of seven to ten years and may look like a flat foot (see Figure 1).1,2 The processes of bone growth at the growth plates, increased muscle strength in and around the foot, further refinement of the nervous system, and stiffening of soft tissues are some of the normal human changes that produce a more adult like foot. This process to an adult like foot can be disrupted secondary to any process that disrupts normal human development such as:1,3

• Neuromuscular Disorders

• Developmental Delays

• Connective Tissue Disorders

• Obesity

Concerns start if the child is over seven years of age and still has a flat foot, exhibits signs and symptoms of pain, exhibits toe walking, is overweight or obese per pediatrician, has a known Neuromuscular Disorder, has a developmental delay, and/or connective tissue disorder.1,2,3 

If you have concerns or questions about your child’s feet, barefoot walking, or shoewear and want to learn more about Pediatric Physical Therapy Services, please don’t hesitate to contact Mobile Therapy Centers to speak with one of our therapists. We provide FREE screenings/consultations, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to have your child seen by a professional and then answer any questions you may have?

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