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The Lesson of Acceptance

The Lesson of Acceptance

Autism Books

It is now September and Mobile Therapy Centers is looking forward to another school year! In addition to your children’s school curriculum of reading, math, and science, teach your children the lesson of acceptance by reading them a book about Autism. The books I See Things Differently: A First Look at Autism, Since We’re Friends, and My Brother Charlie are great options to teach your kids that a child with Autism is more than meets the eye.

The book I See Things Differently: A First Look at Autism is a children’s picture book that shares common characteristics of children diagnosed with ASD. After reading the book, get your family together and have a discussion about how each member of the family shares similarities and differences. Discuss how you as a family accept one another’s differences and help one another out when needed.

Since We’re Friends is a children’s picture book about two boys who are friends. The book paints a picture of all of the activities the two friends do with one another and how one friend helps his friend diagnosed with ASD during social situations. After reading the book, have a discussion with your children about how they could be a good friend to their peers diagnosed with ASD.

The book My Brother Charlie details a sister’s description of her brother diagnosed with ASD. A great highlight of this book is how the sister points out all of her brother’s strengths. Have a discussion with your child about how even when someone is labeled with having Autism, special needs, or a disability, the child still has strengths and characteristics that they can learn from.

At Mobile Therapy Centers, we work with many children in daycares and schools, and we love when we see peers who are accepting of our clients! As therapists, while working with children on social skills, it is great to see peers who show acceptance by sharing, showing patience, and cheering them on. Peers get the opportunity to see that even though our clients have skills they are working on, they also have many strengths!

Here is the list of books and authors mentioned in this post:

I See Things Differently: A First Look at Autism
Author: Pat Thomas

Since We’re Friends
Author: Celeste Shally

My Brother Charlie
Authors: Holly Robinson Peete, Ryan Elizabeth Peete, and Denene Miller