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Springtime & Autism Awareness Month

ABA Therapy Outdoors

Mobile Therapy Centers is ready for spring weather to arrive! The RBTs (Registered Behavior Technicians) at Mobile Therapy Centers are especially excited about sunny days being right around the corner. We have ABA Therapy sessions in the home, school, daycare, and clinic, and we love working on outdoor skills in all of these settings. Going outside brings many learning opportunities for children. First, we have to get ready to go outside. RBTs teach putting socks on, tying shoes, and zipping …
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Autism Acceptance & Awareness

The month of April is widely recognized as Autism Awareness Month. However, did you know there has been an increasing push for it to be Autism Acceptance Month? It was first organized in 2011 by Paula Durbin Westby. She advocated that there needs to be more than just information and facts about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Westby argued that having awareness is only half of the battle. It is one thing to be aware, but entirely different to accept it. This …
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