Stuttering: How a Speech-Language Pathologist Can Help

Stuttering: How a Speech-Language Pathologist Can Help

Do you ever feel like every other word you say is “like” or “uhm?” Maybe on days where you are running on coffee and have trouble finishing a thought? These are considered “typical disfluencies,” or in other words, this happens to everyone sometimes! Not only does this happen to adults, this can present in children as well. You may notice an increase in disfluencies when language is rapidly developing (e.g. preschool years).

On the other hand, some disfluencies such as repeating sounds in a word (e.g., b-b-b-ball) or one syllable words (e.g., do-do-do) are considered atypical. One may wonder, “What causes my child, brother or other family member to stutter?” Well, unfortunately, there is not one known cause. Some factors may include family history of stuttering, gender (more prevalent in boys) or when the onset of stuttering began.

You may also wonder, “Does my child need therapy?” Here are some things to consider:

• Has it lasted longer than 6 months-1 year?
• Is there a family history of stuttering?
• Does your child avoid speaking, or speaking in certain situations?
• Do you notice any tension in the face/shoulder region when the child speaks?
• Has the stuttering gotten worse?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, seeking an evaluation from a Speech-Language Pathologist may be warranted.

“The King’s Speech” is a great movie/book, based on a true story, that references or paints stuttering in a positive light. It is the story of how an Australian Speech Therapist helped King George VI to overcome his debilitating stutter.

At Mobile Therapy Centers, we offer free screenings/consultations which allows parents access to our professionals to help determine whether it is a true stutter or developmental. Ultimately, our Speech Therapists want to ensure the child has the confidence and strategies to feel comfortable in a variety of speaking situations.

Mobile Therapy Centers services include Speech Therapy, ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Mental Health Care and Counseling. We see children at our clinic, at your home or at your child’s school/daycare making it convenient for you and your family. Contact us for a free screening/consultation at 847-816-7200 or at We also provide Telehealth services.

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