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Welcome to our Illinois ABA Therapy services. Here, we specialize in offering compassionate and effective Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) tailored to the unique needs of those with Autism and other developmental challenges.

Our approach at Mobile Therapy Centers of America is deeply rooted in the community and culture of Illinois, reflecting our commitment to empowering local families. We believe in unlocking the potential in each individual and fostering growth and learning through personalized, evidence-based strategies.

With a team of skilled therapists and flexible therapy options, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of our clients and their families.

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, support, and success right here in the heart of Illinois.

ABA Therapy Illinois

Empowering Lives Through ABA Therapy in Illinois

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is a scientifically validated approach to understanding and improving behavior. It focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place and uses these principles to bring about positive changes in behavior. ABA Therapy is especially significant for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, helping them develop social, communication, and learning skills.

In Illinois, Mobile Therapy Centers of America stands out for their personalized approach, ensuring each individual receives tailored strategies to meet their unique needs and potential.

ABA Therapy Services at Mobile Therapy Centers of America, Illinois

  • Potty Training: We provide customized strategies to make toilet training effective and less stressful.
  • Communication Skills: Our programs enhance both verbal and non-verbal communication abilities.
  • Social Skills Groups: We conduct focused group sessions to improve social interactions.
  • Self-Help Skills: Essential life skills like dressing and personal hygiene are taught.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Activities are designed to improve coordination in small muscle movements.
  • Gross Motor Skills: We focus on developing larger body movements for better physical coordination.
  • Play Skills: Our sessions encourage imaginative and interactive play.
  • Vocational Skills: We prepare individuals for workplace environments.
  • Play Dates: Organized social play sessions help foster friendships.
  • Autism Preschool-Like Programs: These tailored programs focus on foundational learning and social interaction for young children.
The Benefits of Beginning Early ABA Treatment in Illinois

The Benefits of Beginning Early ABA Treatment in Illinois

Maximizing Brain Development

Early ABA Therapy takes advantage of the brain’s heightened adaptability in the early years. This period of brain plasticity is optimal for molding and enhancing brain development, leading to more effective skill acquisition.

Preventing Behavioral Challenges

Intervening early can significantly reduce the development of severe problem behaviors. Early ABA Therapy teaches more appropriate behaviors, decreasing the chances of these behaviors becoming more problematic later.

Family and Parental Support

Early intervention equips families with effective strategies to support their child, reducing stress and improving overall family dynamics. It’s a proactive approach to foster a supportive and understanding environment for the child.

Long-term Positive Outcomes

Early ABA intervention lays the groundwork for future educational and social success. Children who receive early therapy often show improved learning abilities and social interactions, leading to long-term positive outcomes in their personal and academic lives.

Early ABA Therapy is more than just a treatment; it’s an investment in a child’s future, offering lasting benefits that extend beyond childhood.

What Is the Process for Getting Connected with an ABA Provider?

At Mobile Therapy Centers of America, we warmly welcome Illinois families to start their ABA Therapy journey with us. Here’s how you can begin:

Connect with Us:

Start by getting in touch through our website or phone. We’re here to listen and guide you.

Free Consultation:

Schedule a complimentary consultation or developmental screening with us. This is where we start understanding your child’s unique needs.

Personalized Assessment:

Our team will conduct a thorough assessment to craft a tailored therapy plan.

Begin Therapy:

We offer flexible options – therapy at our clinics, your home, or even your child’s school/daycare. Telehealth services are also available.

Continuous Support:

We are committed to supporting your family throughout the therapy journey, adjusting plans as your child grows and develops.

The Advantages of ABA

At Mobile Therapy Centers of America, we pride ourselves on our mindful, client-focused approach to ABA Therapy. We deeply understand our client’s unique needs, tailoring our therapies accordingly.

Our commitment to responsiveness and flexibility ensures that we adapt to each individual’s circumstances, fostering success in their daily lives. We offer free developmental screenings and consultations, emphasizing our dedication to early intervention and detection.

Our services, grounded in evidence-based research and delivered by licensed professionals, extend beyond therapy sessions, incorporating a holistic, collaborative care model with multidisciplinary teams for comprehensive support.

Meet Our Team at Mobile Therapy Centers of America

Meet Our Team at Mobile Therapy Centers of America

All therapists at Mobile Therapy Centers are licensed and credentialed by the State of Illinois and their respective governing bodies. They adhere to the NAEYC guidelines for childcare center services, which include comprehensive background checks, fingerprinting, and maintaining CPR/First Aid Certification. This ensures a high standard of safety and professionalism in our services.


Nicole Fauquier M.A. CCC-SLP/L
COO of Multidisciplinary Services
Speech/Language Pathologist
Raquel Roos M.A. BCBA
COO of ABA Services
Board Certified Behavior Analyst



Molly Lamb M.S. BCBA
Clinical Director of Operations
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Christine Schramm M.S. CCC-SLP/L
Regional Manager
Speech/Language Pathologist
Zachary Bartsch M.A. CCC-SLP/L
Assistant Regional Manager
Speech/Language Pathologist
Sara Otto M.A. BCBA
Director of ABA Family Services
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Kelsey Nolan M.S. CCC-SLP/L
Regional Manager
Speech/Language Pathologist
Amanda Daneker M.S. CCC-SLP/L
Manager of Speech Therapy Services
Speech/Language Pathologist
Jaimie Frazin RBT
Certified Safety Care & Family Training Manager
Registered Behavior Technician
Lisa Pederson M.A. CCC-SLP/L
Director of Therapy
Speech/Language Pathologist
Brittni Gasior COTA
Clinic Manager
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Katie Bowers LCPC
Manager of Counseling Services Counselor
Lisa Gleich LCPC
Assistant Regional Manager Counselor
Patricia Larsen M.S. BCBA
Clinic Manager
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
April Wright M.S. CCC-SLP
Manager of Speech & Language Services
Speech/Language Pathologist
Paige Cobble M.A. BCBA
Clinic Manager
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Anna Williams M.S. OTR/L
Manager of Occupational Therapy Services
Occupational Therapist

Every Moment Matters in Your Child's Development

In the crucial race against time for your child’s growth, every second counts. Missed milestones? Speech delays? Social struggles? At Mobile Therapy Centers, we tackle these fears with proven expertise.

From ABA Therapy to Speech and Occupational Therapy, we offer a lifeline to those pivotal early years. In Illinois, your child’s developmental journey is our priority. With Mobile Therapy Centers, you’re choosing more than just therapy; you’re choosing a partner in your child’s growth.

Don’t wait for change. Be the change. Start your child’s transformative journey with us today. Visit Mobile Therapy Centers now.

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Illinois, often hailed as a microcosm of the United States, offers a rich tapestry of experiences that cater to every interest. Its crown jewel, Chicago, is a bustling metropolis famed for its architectural marvels, including the Willis Tower and the art-filled Millennium Park. The state’s cultural richness is palpable in its diverse cuisine, world-class museums, and vibrant music scene.

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From the bustling streets of Chicago to the serene landscapes of the countryside, Illinois is a state that offers a diverse range of experiences. It’s a place where history, culture, and natural beauty converge to create a totally unique destination.

People Also Ask

What is ABA?

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a tailored approach focusing on increasing desired behaviors (like communication) and decreasing undesired ones (like screaming). It involves breaking down complex behaviors into smaller, teachable components, using prompts and reinforcement for mastery.

How can ABA help my child?

ABA can teach various skills and modify behaviors, aiding in school performance, extracurricular activities, speech issues, family goals, and addressing problematic behaviors like tantrums.

What makes ABA different from other treatments?

ABA is unique as it’s evidence-based and data-driven, relying on objective data to ensure changes aren’t influenced by biases, unlike other treatments that might only have theoretical support.

Are you certified to provide ABA Therapy?

Yes, ABA Therapists undergo specialized training and degrees, ensuring adherence to ABA standards and effective program implementation, often reflected in BACB Certification and advanced education.

What does an ABA program look like?

ABA programs, tailored to each client, usually involve 10-40 hours of weekly therapy. They begin with an assessment, followed by individualized sessions and regular updates to ensure skills generalize to various settings, including parent training and community outings. Programs typically run for at least 2 years.