Speech Therapy and Collaboration Among Disciplines

Whether your child has been receiving Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Counseling, some combination of the above, or hasn’t begun therapy yet, collaboration is an integral part of your child’s program. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) states that collaboration “involves problem solving and mutual goal setting from multiple perspectives that are relevant to an individual’s needs. All team members are involved in planning and monitoring educational goals and procedures, although each team member’s responsibility for the implementation of procedures may vary.”

Speech Therapy and Collaboration Among Disciplines

At Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC), our core values are integrity, respect, and collaboration. We believe that a strong team is made up of individuals who value and embrace all three. Let’s talk about the importance of collaboration and what it looks like within MTC.

  1. Who is collaborating?
  2. Why are we collaborating? What are the benefits?
  3. What does collaboration look like?
  4. How can I learn more?

Let’s start with the first question of Who is collaborating? At Mobile Therapy Centers, collaboration occurs between and within disciplines. That means that our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), not only collaborate within their field with other SLPs, but across disciplines, with Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Registered Behavior Therapists (RBTs), Occupational Therapists (Ots), and Counselors, and with client families.

Why are we collaborating? What are the benefits? According to ASHA, the main benefit of collaboration is that it improves outcomes for the people we serve. It can play a huge role in helping teams become more efficient. This means that by implementing a collaborative approach, our clients will see progress more quickly. At MTC we believe in the benefits of true collaboration because we have seen the results firsthand.

What does collaboration look like? We have seen a multidisciplinary client (a client who receives multiple services within MTC) who was struggling with potty training, learn how to successfully use the bathroom with support from:

Speech Therapy and Collaboration Among Disciplines

An Occupational Therapist (OT) to help with:

A Behavior Therapist to help with:

A Speech Therapist to help with:

We have also seen the results of collaboration between Speech Therapists across settings – MTC Speech Therapist, School Therapist, and/or a Speech Therapist from another clinic. For a preschool child who was receiving Speech Therapy at school but struggling to show progress in his ability to express himself, collaboration between therapists resulted in acquisition of an Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) device with notable progress seen in his expressive language skills as a result of:

The school therapist’s:

The MTC therapist’s:

How can I learn more? If you are interested in learning more about collaborative practice and how it can help your child, Speech Therapy, or about Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC), please contact Mobile Therapy Centers to speak with one of our therapists. We provide FREE screenings/consultations so why not take advantage of the opportunity to have your child seen by a professional and then answer any questions you may have?

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