Setting Goals With a Behavior Contract

Setting Goals With a Behavior Contract

Are you and your child having a difficult time following through with goals?

If you answered yes…a “Behavior Contract” may be for you!

A Behavior Contract is an oral or written agreement between at least two people to determine goals and list responsibilities to help achieve it. The contract usually includes the target behavior, agreed responsibilities, the rewards and consequences, and ends with signatures from all parties. While creating goals may be easy, following through can be tremendously challenging, and goals can often be neglected and thrown in the backseat. They can also be used in all settings such as school, work, and home, and help cut down any miscommunication. Behavior Contracts generate goals to be more concrete and is a way to hold both parties accountable. This agreement can be used with both neurotypical and atypical individuals.

Even though Behavior Contracts can come in both oral and written agreements, research shows that written contracts yield a higher success rate. They may also be renegotiated if the future calls for it, and to change up information when needed. Specific days should be scheduled for all parties to evaluate the behavior contract to make sure that it is working, and how to make it more beneficial.

Mobile Therapy Centers has Behavioral Therapists on staff, and can help you and your family if you want to learn more about Behavior Contracts!

Behavioral Therapy helps to identify and change potentially self-destructive or undesirable behaviors. Those who practice Behavioral Therapy tend to look at specific, learned behaviors and how the environment influences those behaviors. The focus of treatment is often on current problems and how to change them by reinforcing desirable behaviors and eliminating unhealthy ones. Behavioral therapy can benefit people, both children and adults, with a wide range of mental health disorders.

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