MTC travels to provide convenient onsite staff education in a variety of areas. Topics such as these are a sample of what is available. Workshops are typically one hour in length, include handouts and may be bundled together for a discounted rate. Contact the MTC office to review a plan for customizing your continuing education needs at or call 847-816-7200 and a representative will assist you.

Remembering “Me”: Self-Care and Work-Personal Balance

Participants in this workshop will explore ways to integrate self-care into their personal and professional lives, including interactive opportunities to learn & experience new techniques for self-care, and how to develop a self-care plan for a balanced life. A unique offering to professional staffs who focus their lives on helping others.

Sensory vs. Behavioral Needs

Defining the Differences
Participants in this workshop will learn what is meant by a sensory need and a behavioral need, discuss how sensory needs and behavior are inter-related, learn techniques that can be used to manage sensory needs, as well as techniques that can be used to manage behavioral needs.

Positive Reinforcement vs. Extinguishing Behavior

Shaping Behavior before it Happens
Participants in this workshop will learn the goal of shaping behavior, what is meant by positive reinforcement and extinguishing behavior, discuss why positive reinforcement is more effective in shaping behavior, and learn techniques of positive reinforcement.

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

Participants in this workshop will discuss simple steps from classroom set-up to group behavior management and lesson plan ideas to create environments that encourage success for all children, including those with special needs.

Building Strong Partnerships with Families

Participants in this workshop will discuss ways that staff can more effectively work with parents in the best interests of their child, including setting professional limits and clear communication styles.

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