Special requests for formal workshop topics will be accommodated whenever possible. If a topic is unique to your facility and unable to be used elsewhere additional charges may apply. All options are able to be bundled together for a discounted rate.  Contact the MTC office to review a plan for customizing your continuing education needs at RSVP@mtcus.com or call the MTC office 847-816-7200 and a representative will assist you.

Workshop: $250

Including written handouts: book any 2 and receive a 20% discount when included on the same invoice

Intervention 911: $500 ($650 value)

Includes a two hour consultation with therapist to include observation and suggestions for your center, a one hour informal Q & A follow up session with your staff including written suggestions, and a formal workshop topic of your choice from menu for your full staff. As the intent is “help now” our aim is to schedule initial consultation component within one week of your request.

Q & A Sessions (Staff or Parent): $125/hour

May be prorated for additional hours
live or call-in options available

Individual classroom and Staff consultations: $125/hour

May be prorated for additional hours

Monthly Support Groups (Staff or Parent):

$350 for 3 months, may be prorated for additional months

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