Parental Involvement and Training in ABA Therapy: Mobile Therapy Centers in Franklin, TN

Understanding ABA Therapy: The Science and the Benefits

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is a scientifically validated approach to understanding behavior and how it’s affected by the environment. It’s often used as a therapeutic intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The therapy aims to improve socially significant behaviors, teach skills, and minimize problematic ones. The success of ABA Therapy often relies on the involvement and commitment of parents.

Parental Involvement and Training in ABA Therapy: Mobile Therapy Centers in Franklin, TN

Introduction: The Impact of ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy has steadily gained recognition as an effective therapy method for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Mobile Therapy Centers of America (MTCUS) in Franklin, TN, is leveraging this science-based approach to induce remarkable improvements in children. But what role do parents play in this dynamic?

The Role of Parents in ABA Therapy

Parental involvement in ABA Therapy is paramount. Parents are constantly present in a child’s life, bridging the therapy session and the child’s daily life. They can reinforce the child’s newly learned behaviors, resulting in faster progress and greater consistency. Moreover, parents can offer invaluable insights about the child, helping therapists tailor the program to the child’s unique needs. Learn More

Challenges Faced by Parents

Despite their crucial role, parents often face several challenges during the therapy process. These may include managing emotional stress, time constraints, etc. Parents might also need help understanding the technical aspects of ABA Therapy or feel overwhelmed by the amount of work required. Fortunately, various resources and support systems can help parents navigate these challenges. Learn More

Strategies for Parental Involvement

There are several strategies parents can adopt to effectively participate in ABA Therapy. These include setting a consistent routine, using reinforcement effectively, and maintaining open communication with the therapist. Furthermore, parents should strive to learn about ABA principles and techniques to apply them at home. Learn More

Training Opportunities for Parents

Training Opportunities for Parents

Several organizations offer training programs and resources for parents involved in ABA Therapy. These programs provide practical knowledge about ABA principles and strategies, allowing parents to become effective co-therapists at home. Additionally, online platforms offer flexible training options that can fit into busy schedules. Many organizations have lists of training programs for parents too. Several training videos are also available on YouTube.

Mobile Therapy Centers of America (MTCUS) in Franklin, TN, offers parents and families opportunities to learn and be involved with offerings such as a Lunch & Learn Autism Parent Support Group, a free six-week online parent group held by MTC, and an online five-week Parent Training Program, where parents meet with a counselor-led group on subjects requested by parents.

Mobile Therapy Centers in Franklin, TN also offers free office hours with a Speech-Language Therapist. MTC offers free consultations and developmental screenings, and can answer questions about your child’s strengths and needs. July 2023’s Summer Food Camp was a week-long, hour-long multidisciplinary program led by Occupational and Speech Therapists. Children explored fun with food!

More exciting programs will be coming up and questions can be answered by contacting or

A phone call to 615-637-9448 can answer any questions about these offerings.


1. What is ABA Therapy?
ABA Therapy is a type of behavioral intervention that uses scientific principles to bring about meaningful and positive changes in behavior. It’s often used for children with ASD.

2. Why is parental involvement important in ABA Therapy?
Parental involvement in ABA Therapy allows for consistent reinforcement of desired behaviors and better generalization of skills learned during therapy sessions.

3. What challenges do parents face during ABA Therapy?
Parents often grapple with emotional stress, time management issues, and understanding the complexities of ABA Therapy.

4. What strategies can parents use to effectively participate in ABA Therapy?
Parents can maintain a consistent routine, use reinforcement effectively, communicate with therapists regularly, and educate themselves about ABA.

5. Are there training opportunities available for parents?
Several organizations offer parent training programs and resources to enhance their involvement in ABA Therapy. Parents of children enrolled in therapy at Mobile Therapy Centers of America in Franklin, Tennessee, can call and request workshops.


Parental involvement is a key ingredient for successful ABA Therapy. It empowers parents, optimizes a child’s learning, and fosters an environment conducive to growth and development. While the journey might be challenging, the rewards are worth the effort.

At Mobile Therapy Centers of America in Franklin, Tennessee, our ABA Therapy and Speech Therapy experts craft a plan tailored to your child’s distinct needs. Collaborating closely with you, your child, and educators, our therapists formulate an all-encompassing therapeutic blueprint and establish metrics to track improvement.

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