Making the Transition from Clinic to School

Often when a child receives Applied Behavior Analysis services in a clinical setting parents must eventually help their child make the transition to the school setting. Making that transition can be scary for some families, especially when their child is an only child, or they do not already have older children in school. The staff at Mobile Therapy Centers can help families make this transition more seamless by planning early and collaborating with school staff; starting with your child’s BCBA.

Making the Transition from Clinic to School

Parents may not know that children can receive full or part time ABA services in place of their school district’s Preschool or Kindergarten program. MTC offers a comprehensive Preschool experience including mock school settings and age and skill level appropriate materials. In addition, MTC focuses on social components that are critical for developing group skills and positive peer relationships. BCBA’s assure that every child receives individualized programs tailored to any child’s developmental needs and level of skill acquisition

Before a child is ready to make the transition to the school setting, they will need an Individualized Education Plan, also known as an IEP. Your MTC BCBA can collaborate with parents and the school district to develop this plan, as well as attend future IEP meetings when current goals and accomplishments are shared. This allows all individuals working with the child to collaborate for a better transition into the school setting by working on similar targets to reach the highest goals possible.

Making the Transition from Clinic to School

It is common for a child to receive multiple services at MTC including ABA, Speech, Occupational, Behavioral, and Feeding Therapies, and sometimes Counseling. Parents find that IEP’s often afford their child additional hours of these same services through their local school district. When parents choose these services in both places, MTC and school staff can meet and share goals which then promotes generalization of many skills your child is working on to multiple environments.

No matter what path a child takes, the staff at Mobile Therapy Centers is equipped to welcome any child into their next phase of development when transitioning from clinic to the school setting.

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