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When you think of what kindness means to you, what words or actions come to mind? Take a minute to think about the last act of kindness you received. How did it make you feel? Now, take a minute to think about the last act of kindness you showed to someone else. How did it make you feel?
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At Mobile Therapy Centers, a multidisciplinary clinic, one of the disciplines we specialize in is Behavioral Therapy. Our Behavioral therapists offer techniques to help foster social, emotional and behavioral development. MTC offers free on-site screenings/consultations that can be scheduled either by phone or through our website:
As a Behavioral Therapist at Mobile Therapy Centers, I am surrounded by acts of kindness of all sizes every day. I walk into our clinic, and I’m immediately greeted with warm smiles and cheerful “Good Morning!” greetings from colleagues. I feel welcomed. I see our therapists working alongside clients to support them in developing prosocial behavior skills like helping, sharing, playing together, and working toward a common goal. I notice the smiles and cheers. These actions encompass kindness. I feel hopeful that the skills we practice today will contribute to a kinder world tomorrow. I hear clinicians in different disciplines sharing resources and insight together. I feel confident that as a team we are providing best practices. I see children excitedly hugging their parents hello and goodbye, an expression of affection that is kindness. Teachers express gratitude for intervention support in the classroom. I feel grateful that we are working together to care for students and their growth. Every act of kindness brings a feeling of comfort and peace.
Kindness: Behavior
Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It is an interpersonal skill that requires bravery and strength. It requires us to get outside ourselves and think of others’ well-being. Kindness is teachable. At MTC, our therapists and staff model kindness through actions and encourage clients to consider kind choices when natural opportunities arise. Individuals can strengthen their kindness capacity over time. A few ways to strengthen your kindness ‘muscle’ are to practice self-kindness through positive self-talk, make intentional caring choices for yourself and others, lend a helping hand, and practice gratitude. One easily accessible practice in kindness is to start and end your day by reflecting and writing down three things you feel grateful for.
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There are scientifically proven benefits to being kind. Kindness has been found to be one of the most significant predictors of satisfaction and stability in relationships. Research shows that kindness increases oxytocin and serotonin production, energy, happiness, lifespan, and pleasure. Kindness has the influence to decrease pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and blood pressure.

Take a few moments to reflect, what would happen if you committed to showing at least one act of kindness every day? In what ways can you contribute to a kinder tomorrow?

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