Is it Speech Therapist, Speech Teacher, Speech Pathologist or Speech and Language Pathologist, I’m so confused!

The technical name is Speech Language Pathologist, and we work with any population ranging from infants to seniors and a vast array of deficits ranging from speech sounds to language and literacy to swallowing/feeding. We hold a Master’s degree in communication disorders and sciences. 

Is it Speech Therapist, Speech Teacher, Speech Pathologist or Speech and Language Pathologist, I’m so confused! 

Some areas that impact our children in schools with academics include:

Articulation: Difficulty producing specific sounds

Oral/Motor skills: Difficulty controlling articulators (lips, tongue, jaw)

Voice: Noticeable difference in pitch, quality and/or volume when speaking

Dysfluency (stuttering): Speech being interrupted in its forward flow

Auditory Processing: Difficulty recognizing subtle differences between sounds in words

Semantics: This refers to the meaning of language (interpretation of and use of language)

Grammar/Syntax: These are the rules of word order and word combinations in order to form phrases and sentences while speaking and writing

Morphology: Understanding and use of the structure of a word (for example, prefixes, roots and morphemes)

Literacy: Reading and writing

At Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC), we work closely with our team of Occupational Therapists and Behavioral Therapists in order to help treat the whole child, which in turn produces faster progress. An example of our collaboration is for a child who is stuttering. This can affect a child’s confidence, participation in school and social interactions. Our speech team can help with supporting smooth speech while our behavioral team can help work through the emotional component affecting the daily feelings surrounding this deficit. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

MTC is a Multidisciplinary Clinic meaning we incorporate ALL disciplines into our practice. This is helpful to working parents and families with multiple kids allowing parents and caregivers to go to ONE location where all therapy sessions take place. While you don’t have to worry about coordinating schedules for ABA, Speech, Occupational, Behavioral, Feeding and Counseling, you also have comfort knowing all of your child’s therapists collaborate and incorporate each other’s objectives. All therapists at MTC are one big team and collaborate with each other when more than one of them is seeing the same client.

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month! This annual event helps raise awareness about hearing and speech issues. It encourages people to think about their own hearing and to make sure to get it checked. Early intervention is key for hearing loss.

To learn more about Speech Therapy Services, please do not hesitate to contact Mobile Therapy Centers to speak with one of our therapists. We provide FREE screenings/consultations.

Mobile Therapy Centers is a Multidisciplinary Clinic and services include ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Feeding Therapy and Counseling. We see children at our clinics, at your home or at your child’s school/daycare making it convenient for you and your family.

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