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Insider’s Guide to Selecting the Right ABA Clinic/Therapist in 2023

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    If you are the parent of a child with Autism, you know that finding the right ABA Clinic/Therapist is essential. While ABA Therapy is provided by a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and/or a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), there are many things to consider when making this important decision, such as location, experience, and approach.

    Tell me the purpose of ABA Therapy?

    ABA Therapy uses behavioral techniques to identify and employ specific solutions. The use of ABA Therapy has a variety of applications. ABA Therapy is the approach that targets behavior patterns in particular ways, such as removing the plate from the dining room table or asking the parent to help them. In this way, ABA Therapists can target the environment’s response to an underlying behavior to achieve the desired outcomes.

    What should I expect from ABA Therapy?

    Every child is different, and every therapy program varies. Still, in general, kids who participate in ABA Therapy see improvement in their behavior and abilities. For example, they learn how to take turns during an interaction, ask for what they want, and follow instructions like “Go brush your teeth”. Some therapists might recommend switching things up so that kids learn tasks in different contexts; others might stick with the same setting to provide consistency.

    ABA Therapy

    Some Characteristics of Autism Are:

    • Repeats or echoes words or phrases (echolalia)
    • Doesn’t respond to their name
    • Flaps hands, rocks body or spins in circles
    • Trouble communicating their wants/needs
    • Difficulty with a change in routine
    • Hard time relating to others

    What Our Clients Say

    Lyndsay Crawford
    Lyndsay Crawford
    I am so incredibly grateful for MTC and their staff. I felt lost when I found out my daughter was behind in speech. I am so thankful for her speech therapist, Christine! Because of her expertise and kindness, my daughter has progressed at a rate I would have never expected. Mrs. Chris comes to her preschool twice a week to work with her. Those sessions are my daughter's favorite part of her week. I cannot thank MTC and Mrs. Chris enough.
    Amelia Doughty
    Amelia Doughty
    Highly trained staff. MTC has made a great, positive impact on dozens of families:) Keep up the good work!
    Abby Johnson
    Abby Johnson
    MTC your telehealth services are so helpful! I can connect with the therapist and my child in a safe environment. Also, the therapists have been able to walk us through any technical difficulty.
    Corbin Wong
    Corbin Wong
    I am grateful that MTC has been able to help my family during these tough times. The telehealth services they provide are more beneficial than I could have imagined and so convient!
    Robert Miller
    Robert Miller
    This company has helped my family tremendously. The experience and knowledge of the staff is great, but what I appreciate most is their compassion for the kids
    Katie Allmaras
    Katie Allmaras
    We enlisted the help of MTC to help with our son’s speech delay and cannot express enough how thankful and grateful we are to have found them. Nicole is absolutely amazing - she is on the ball all the time, extremely responsive, and truly cares about the overall well-being of our son. In working with her, she provides solutions-driven approaches to accelerating his overall growth and development (she looks broadly at the whole child to help get to the root of the problem vs. narrowly focusing on only treating the delay), while also making sure we are well-educated and informed on all that is available to us outside of MTC services (i.e school system). She’s passionate about her work and we’ve seen significant progress with our son as we move from a “speech delay” to him becoming on-par with his peers. The best part is that insurance covers the sessions and they travel to where our son is, whether that’s preschool during the school year or day camp during the summer. Missy in the office handles all the paperwork, coordination between the schools and onsite scheduling with the teachers - a huge help to us as logistics planning can be exhausting! She gets things done before we even have a chance to ask the question and is very supportive, always going above and beyond. The entire team at MTC makes everything so simple and easy, my husband and I can’t thank them enough!! We HIGHLY recommend!!!
    Renee Furzland
    Renee Furzland
    My son had a very positive experience with Ms. Julie for OT. He was having a rough time with sensory regulation & seeking, and control with emotions/impulsive behavior. She worked with him for a year and his behavior improved at preschool and at home. She is very kind and patient but stern when he needed it. She was extremely helpful with any information I needed as a parent and always made time to talk to me after sessions and through email. He looked forward to seeing her every week. Unfortunately due to issues with insurance coverage he is no longer seeing her which has caused some regression. I wish my son was still receiving this service it was a huge benefit and I would recommend MTC to any family looking for OT. Also, would like to add that I always had a good experience with the office ladies, any questions or concerns with billing/insurance/sessions they were always very helpful.

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