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Better Hearing & Speech Month 2019

Better Hearing & Speech Month 2019

May is designated as Better Hearing & Speech Month, also known as BHSM! Every year, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) acknowledges this month to raise awareness about communication disorders, which in turn can provide life-altering treatment. The theme for 2019 is “Communication Across the Lifespan” and the ASHA has many resources available to help you celebrate all month long.

With speech and language disorders ranking among the most common disabilities in children, both parents and caregivers are encouraged to learn the signs and seek an evaluation if they have concerns about their child’s ability to communicate. Speech is the ability to produce speech sounds using the mouth, lips, and tongue. Speech and language disorders are evaluated and treated by speech-language pathologists who specialize in Speech Therapy. Speech Therapy is aimed at improving speech and language skills, and oral motor abilities. It helps kids with language-related learning issues such as speaking, listening and writing. Research shows Early Intervention is necessary and important to reducing a child’s challenges with communication, hearing, reading and overall engagement in their learning process.

At Mobile Therapy Centers, our Speech-Language Pathologists specialize in a number of areas including Articulation, Auditory Comprehension, Language Expression, Fluency, Social Communication, Literacy Skills, Executive Functioning and Feeding & Swallowing. At Mobile Therapy Centers, we see clients at our clinic, at your child’s school/daycare or at your home. Research shows integrating any type of therapy within a natural environment yields higher retention rates, increased client motivation and faster progress.

Better Hearing & Speech Month emphasizes awareness of the development and support of speech, language, literacy and hearing for every age. We are very fortunate to have a special month designated to Hearing & Speech because it not only creates awareness, but it also helps to create acceptance.

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