Feeding Therapy

helps teach a child to learn how to eat or how to eat better. This goes hand-in-hand with having a “Healthy Body” which is important for growing children. Every child needs to eat a variety of foods to give them the essential nutrients they need to grow. Mobile Therapy Centers provides Feeding Therapy to children by helping to expand a child’s variety and intake of foods, and help create a positive mealtime experience. Professionals help support children by working on sensory issues, oral motor skills, control and coordination of articulators (tongue, lips, cheeks) and to decrease drooling. Experts also help children work on desensitization toward textures. MTC offers free on-site screenings/consultations that can be scheduled either by phone or through our website:
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Desensitization is a process where a response is repeated over and over in situations where the action that comes out of the emotion proves to be irrelevant. Many kids have an aversion to textures. The therapists at MTC help desensitize children by playing with these textures (dry or wet) through various activities. Research shows that through play, a child can learn many new skills! When playing with sand, foam, Play-Doh, etc., a child is desensitized to various textures and smells.
How does this relate to eating? Playing with their food is beneficial! Next time you are at the store, grab a bag of dried Pinto beans. While you are at the beach, take advantage of the sand and water! A child can dig through the beans to find various objects or pretend to build cookies out of the wet sand. If your child is feeling adventurous, put some whipped cream in a bowl and have them get messy with their hands!

Talking about the food during play such as “What does it look like? What does it feel like?”, not only helps desensitize kids to various textures of foods, but this also promotes language development! For example, if you are making silly faces out of apple slices, peanut butter and chocolate chips, talk about the “crunch” of the apple when you take a bite, the “creaminess” of the peanut butter,” and the size and color of the chocolate chips.

If you’re wondering why your child doesn’t like interacting with their food or find yourself struggling during mealtimes, the Feeding Therapists at MTC can help! To learn more, please visit Feeding Therapy on our website and don’t hesitate to contact Mobile Therapy Centers to speak with one of our therapists. We provide FREE screenings/consultations so why not take advantage of the opportunity to have your child seen by a professional and answer any questions you may have?

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Healthy Bodies: Feeding Therapy
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