Fourth of July Stay At Home Activities

Fourth of July Stay At Home Activities

Fourth of July is usually a time for family gatherings, parades and fireworks. This year, things are a bit different due to Covid-19. People have had to make changes to their daily routines and activities. This has been an adjustment for adults, but when you throw kids into the equation, it makes it even more challenging.

Even though parades and fireworks may be canceled this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate! Here are a few Fourth of July stay at home activities:

• Make cookies and decorate them with red, white and blue frosting. Talk about the steps you take to make the cookies and then your child can share with other family members how they made them. Language is a part of our everyday sequencing.
• Make a schedule for the day using red, white and blue markers. Discuss the plan with your child and share it with family members. Sequencing is part of everyday language (Additional examples of Sequencing are when someone asks us how our day was, we organize the days events to keep our story flowing smoothly. Another example is when we are speaking with a doctor about events leading up to an illness or the progression of symptoms.).
Make fruit skewers to work in patterns using strawberries, blueberries and grapes.

With the cancellation of public fireworks around the world, we still are going to probably hear them going off throughout the night and this could be stressful for children with special needs. Here are some suggestions for ways to deal with fireworks:

• Talk about it ahead of time and have the child’s favorite toy or blanket on hand
• Noise canceling headphones
• Make it a game and see who can spot the fireworks that are going off
• Try to cancel out the noise by playing some calming music in the house or by doing a load of laundry if the machine is close to the bedrooms
• Maybe change things up and have a sleepover in one of the kids rooms or in mom and dad’s room. You can lay blankets on the floor and even sleep in a fort you made together.

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