Your First Clinic-Based ABA Therapy Session at Mobile Therapy Centers: What to Expect


This article will provide a comprehensive guide to your first clinic-based ABA Therapy session at Mobile Therapy Centers. Our experienced therapists and dedicated team are committed to delivering high-quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy services. We understand that embarking on this journey can be overwhelming, so we have outlined the entire process for you, step by step, to help you feel prepared and informed.

Your First Clinic-Based ABA Therapy Session at Mobile Therapy Centers: What to Expect

Step 1: Introduction and Assessment Process

The parents will receive an email introducing the MTC staff member and explain the assessment process. The assessment consists of two parts: the parent interview and the in-person direct assessment, which typically takes around an hour.

Step 2: Virtual Parent Interview

To ensure convenience for parents, we schedule the parent interview to be held virtually at a time that works best for you. During this interview, MTC staff will gather essential psychosocial information that will contribute to developing an individualized treatment plan. Additionally, we will also address concerns, discuss the parent handbook and policies, and provide insights into the hierarchy of professionals, including Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and ABA Therapists. Furthermore, we will explain the possibility of multidisciplinary services and how they can be integrated into your preferred schedule. If you have any questions, this is the ideal time to ask for clarification. All questions are respected and appreciated!

Step 3: In-Person Assessment at the Clinic

At the end of the parent interview, we will schedule an in-person assessment at the clinic nearest to your location. During this assessment, we will evaluate your child’s specific needs and requirements, ensuring a thorough understanding of their strengths and areas for growth. It is essential to note that we strive to maintain a child-centered approach throughout the assessment process.

Step 4: Reviewing the Treatment Plan

The treatment plan will be completed within approximately three business days following the direct in-person assessment. You will receive an email to schedule a virtual meeting to review the plan together. During this meeting, we will screen-share the treatment plan, allowing you to follow along as they review the information you provided during the assessment. We will discuss why certain assessments were chosen for your child, their scores, and how these assessments translate into meaningful goals. Additionally, we will explain the recommended referral of hours and provide detailed insights into the treatment plan’s content.

Step 5: Next Steps and Scheduling

After reviewing the entire treatment plan, MTC will inform you that a copy of the plan will be sent to you for your records. The plan will also be submitted to the insurance company to request authorization. At this point, you will discuss a preferred schedule, who will then pass this information on to the scheduling department. Depending on the availability of staff and the ramp-up model we follow for hours, the scheduling department will propose a calendar and start date via email.

Step 6: Introduction to the Assigned BCBA

Since we prioritize a strong fit between your child/family and the assigned BCBA, we do not pre-assign BCBAs. Once the scheduling department has finalized the calendar and start date, the assigned BCBA will reach out to introduce themselves to you and your child. This introduction will help establish a positive rapport and facilitate effective communication throughout the therapy process.

Step 7: The Big Day!

On your child’s first day of ABA Therapy at Mobile Therapy Centers, you will be buzzed into our front lobby and asked to sign in on our iPad. This is a safety measure that allows us to monitor all clients who are in the building, and it will also alert the therapist that you’ve arrived! You’ll then be directed to our waiting room, where your child will be picked up. Once your child’s therapist greets you, you’re welcome to stay and wait in this area, use our guest Wi-Fi, or leave and return to the clinic for pick-up at the end of the session. Your child and therapist will transition to drop off any belongings in our cubby area. This helps with school readiness and routine for all of our children! Once in the therapy room, our first session will always consist of lots of play! This is multi-purpose as it allows the therapist to begin developing rapport with your child, make informal observations related to communication and social skills, and learn about your child’s preferences and interests. The last 15 minutes will be used to wrap up the session with the child and transition back to the waiting area, where you’ll be reunited! Parents will be provided with a daily take home sheet and access to online data pertaining to your child.


Begin your child’s journey toward progress and growth with Mobile Therapy Centers. Schedule their first clinic-based ABA Therapy session today and experience our dedicated team’s high-quality services. Prepare and inform yourself with our comprehensive guide, ensuring you and your child feel supported every step of the way. Take the first step toward positive change by contacting us now.

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