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Fine Motor Development

Fine motor skills allow you to to make movements using the small muscles in your hands and wrists. It is important for children to develop fine motor coordination so they can learn how to perform basic everyday tasks like reaching, grasping, and moving objects. Through fine motor skill development, children learn to use tools such as crayons, chalk, pencils, and scissors. Kids also learn and develop handwriting and drawing skills, and they become more independent and understand how their bodies work. It takes both the brain and body’s muscles for these skills to develop, connect and build with all parts of your child’s development.

Fine Motor Development

 As children excel in their fine motor skills, their self-esteem grows and it helps connect your child to new experiences.

Here are ten ideas you can do at home any time to help your child develop fine motor skills. Most of these items can be found at home or are inexpensive to purchase.  Try one or all of these suggestions, and come up with a few of your own.  Have fun!

  1. Use Playdough to make letters, shapes, and to poke with beads or put pegs in
  1. Place buttons, coins, or sticks in a slot or container
  1. Use homemade lacing cards with string
  1. Try stringing pasta, pool noodles, beads, Cheerios on string/pipe cleaners
  1. Make sensory bins with dried beans, rice, or cotton balls
  1. Use shaving cream or whipped cream to draw and play with
  1. Place tape on a surface and trace with fingers or play with toy cars. Peel tape off toys.
  1. Place clothes pins on cardboard, pick up small items, or hang items
  1. Use tongs and tweezers to pick up and place small items
  1. Use a spray bottle to water the sidewalk, shoot at targets, make art

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