Teaching children about community helpers, their roles, and how to interact with them is an important lesson for kids to start learning about at a young age. This is a skill that has numerous benefits, but most importantly it could save a child’s life.
Community Helpers and Autism
To ensure your learner gets the most out of your community helper lessons, it is important that your lesson plan is individualized to meet their needs and their current skill level. This can be done by including accommodations in your lesson plan, such as visuals and social stories.
At Mobile Therapy Centers, a multidisciplinary clinic, one of the disciplines we specialize in is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA Therapy changes children”s lives by teaching them new behaviorsAlong with teaching individuals with Autism about community and it is the evidence-based treatment for children diagnosed with Autism. It focuses on socially significant behaviors by teaching a variety of skills including reducing challenging behaviors and increasing skills that are important in daily life, like communication and social skills. MTC offers free on-site screenings/consultations that can be scheduled either by phone or through our website:
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Lessons can begin with teaching the names of community helpers, the names of their workplaces, and, for some community helpers, the name of their vehicles and tools. These topics can be a great opportunity to work on general skills such as: matching, receptive language, expressive language, and answering yes/no questions.

The topic of community helpers can also be a great opportunity to work on social skills. A great way to work on social skills is by using role play. You could practice with your learner how to greet a community helper, how to thank a community helper, and how to ask a community helper for assistance.

It is important to provide opportunities to observe community helpers in real life settings, along with lessons at home, school, or a clinic setting. This is a great opportunity for learners to see community helpers in action and practice social skills in context. A community helper in a uniform can be intimidating, so having real life practice meeting community helpers can be beneficial for kids to feel comfortable asking for help in the future. There are also organizations that work with individuals and assist with the process of learning and helping with exposure to real life situations that could occur while out in the community. The availability of resources such as this varies state to state so research is required to know your options.

Along with teaching individuals with Autism about community helpers, it is important that we continue to support education for community helpers, so that they adapt their behavior and provide appropriate accommodations when an autistic individual needs support in the community. This includes teaching doctors, pharmacists, and paramedics how to support individuals when receiving medical treatment, teaching law enforcement how to support an individual in a safety situation while they are experiencing fight-or-flight responses, and teaching business owners how to adapt their environment and provide resources that can make a setting more comfortable and easier to navigate.
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