Can We Talk About Teletherapy?

Can We Talk About Teletherapy?

Our kids are home attending school remotely because of Covid. One of your kids is pretty independent, but the other one needs support. I’m not just talking a little help from Mom or Dad, I’m talking Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. They used to get these services during the school day and now what, they are supposed to be just as successful receiving these services via a computer screen and a therapist on the other end? Well, this is our option so why not give it a try and see what happens?

Listening in on one of the therapists tele-sessions with Mobile Therapy Centers, I notice a routine has been established, as the child on the other end knows exactly what’s going to happen throughout the session. This is helpful because younger children who are not yet able to understand the concept of time are able to anticipate the end of the session by anticipating the next activity in the schedule. Now don’t get me wrong, it will take a few sessions to learn the routine and be independent at the computer with the therapist, but when that independence happens it will be bliss! Another benefit to being present during your child’s therapy sessions is that you can listen in on how the therapist is interacting with your child and utilize those same strategies during your everyday routine to help continue the progress your child will be making.

Other activities observed from a distance during a tele-session with one of the Mobile Therapy Centers therapists were yoga positions incorporated into speech practice, and the use of online games where the therapist shared her screen so the student could color and make various moves during a game. I also noticed them doing silly movement breaks to help with core strength and coloring activities where the therapist would describe something and the student had to draw it on paper and then show her (this was a big hit).

While change is difficult, teletherapy has been researched and evidence shows that children make just as much progress whether in person or via a computer screen. Are some days more difficult than others, heck yeah! Some days we just don’t want to be in front of the computer any longer, but how is that any different from not wanting to go to work or school? Together, we can support each other and get through this and continue the progress our children need to make.

Mobile Therapy Centers provides Telepractice/Telehealth services. We also see children at our Multidisciplinary Clinic in Libertyville, at your home or at your child’s school/daycare making it convenient for you and your family. Mobile Therapy Centers services include ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Therapy and Counseling.

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