New Study Shows an Autism Diagnosis Can Be Reliable as Early as 14 Months

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An autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis in children as young as 14 months is determined to be increasingly accurate and reliable, according to the University of California San Diego in a recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics.

Additionally, there is growing evidence that many cases of ASD have their origins during pregnancy and children will often begin to display symptoms prior to their first birthdays, creating the possibility of an earlier diagnosis.

The recent data further reinforces the importance of early screening for any child who’s suspected of having autism or who’s not hitting typical milestones during the first months of life. Children who receive an early diagnosis and subsequent intervention have a greater chance of developing the necessary skills needed to help deal with their disorder later in life. Currently, the average age of an autism diagnosis is between ages 3 and 4 years old.

Some common ASD symptoms parents and loved ones should look for include: repetitive & self stimulatory behaviors, delayed speech or language, frequent meltdowns, clumsiness, self injurious behavior, or adverse reactions to physical contact.

Contact a qualified heathcare professional if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s emotional or physical well being. Again, early intervention is critical!

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