Awkward Speaking Moments

Awkward Speaking Moments

Let’s face it, there are some people who are very good at articulating their thoughts and then there are those who stumble. Some find it hard to put their thoughts into words and simply stay quiet, but that can be frustrating. Those who do well expressing their ideas and emotions have had more practice, but no one should ever feel like they can’t try. Whether you are the articulate speaker or the stumbler, there are many ways to help improve speaking situations.

1. Speak in a slow and relaxed manner. Think Mr. Roger’s for this one. If you need a reminder, search Mr. Rogers on YouTube. When you are not rushed, that feeling is transferred to the listener and it decreases anxiety and stress.

2. Ask indirect questions. An indirect question not only takes the stress out of the communication exchange, but also invites the communication partner to decide what information they want to share. Asking a direct question will get a direct answer. Asking an indirect question can yield more information. For example, instead of “What did you do today?” try “I wonder what you did today?”

3. Do not interrupt when someone is speaking. Whether they are stuttering or stuck on a word, please wait for them to finish their thoughts unless they ask for help.

Stuttering can be one example of an “awkward speaking moment” for both the speaker and listener. Oftentimes, you will hear children stuttering, and more often than not it is developmental in nature and will be outgrown. Here is a great website that breaks down developmental stuttering vs. true stuttering.

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