Autism Awareness

The conversation surrounding Autism Awareness has been discussed through an array of lenses and perspectives. One viewpoint that is often glazed over is the lens of individuals with Autism and their families. At Mobile Therapy Centers, family guidance is one of the cornerstones of our treatment which includes education for the family. Mobile Therapy Centers believes that Autism Awareness starts within families and expands to the rest of society.

Autism Awareness

The most crucial part of any assistance provided for individuals with Autism is understanding that every individual is unique in their own needs. Mobile Therapy Centers strives for independence for our clients by learning about each individual throughout their treatment in every session. This is done through ABA interventions by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs). Our RBTs work 1:1 with the clients under BCBA supervision, while the BCBA creates all behavior plans and directly meets with families for guidance sessions to promote societal awareness of Autism.

Individuals with Autism and their families face many challenges through navigating daily life. These challenges may include understanding motivation of the individual and how to harness it effectively as well as knowing what characteristics in children are developmentally appropriate vs. those that may require interventions.

April is Autism Acceptance Month and is also referred to as Autism Inclusion Month. The Autism Society of America empowers everyone in the Autism community by running its #CelebrateDifferences campaign. April 2nd is World Autism Acceptance Day, also known as World Autism Day or World Autism Awareness Day, and is observed annually on this day. This special day raises awareness and promotes acceptance of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

To learn more about ABA Therapy Services for Autism, please contact Mobile Therapy Centers to speak with one of our therapists. Mobile Therapy Centers (MTC) provides full and half day ABA Therapy for kids with Autism ages 2-6 at our clinics in Illinois and Tennessee. Our Preschool-like settings provide a natural environment mimicking a real school day. We currently have immediate availability at our Libertyville, IL, Crystal Lake, IL and Franklin, TN locations. 

MTC also provides Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Feeding Therapy and Counseling. We see children at our clinics, at your home or at your child’s school/daycare making it convenient for you and your family.

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