ASHA Identify the Signs

ASHA Identify the Signs

ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) joined forces with Bright by Text to help educate parents about their child’s communication skills. The ASHA “Identify the Signs” campaign is using the Bright by Text technology which has approximately 100,000 subscribers. Bright by Text is a free educational text messaging service for parents, and provides information about typical communication development, as well as, the early warning signs of speech, language and hearing disorders. As stated in an article in “The ASHA Leader” in the August/September 2020 issue, the campaign promotes early detection and treatment of communication disorders, which can contribute to better communication outcomes, shortened treatment periods and reduced costs. It helps families to learn about the warning signs, promptly seek professional help, and spread the word about the importance of early intervention with family, friends and social networks.

“Identify the Signs” will provide relevant information to Bright by Text about children’s communication development, expected milestones, and ways to build key skills in the critical early years. The text messaging service provides key information based on a child’s exact age, developmental stage and zip code. The first series kicked off in June with topics including warning signs of speech and language delay disorders, information on bilingual language development and how to find a provider to help with communication disorders.

ASHA joined PBS, Sesame Street, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a content partner for Bright by Text. The goal of the service is to make the most of everyday interactions between parent and child with information from trusted early childhood experts. Parents and caregivers of young children will have some tools to support healthy child development and build strong resilient families.

Parents or caregivers can sign up by texting BRIGHT to 274448 or by using the form on

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