Applied Behavior Analysis: Focusing on the Environment

Applied Behavior Analysis: Focusing on the Environment

This a perfect quote from Alexander Den Heijer.

It may seem like a rational way of thinking, yet there are thousands of books still being written about “how to” on parenting contrary to it. Now it is not to say that there are bad ways of parenting, but it is safe to say there are better ways to do so.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is not just a book written from anecdotes or theories, it is a science of behavior and has been proven again and again with outcomes that most “how to” books can only dream of. The quote from above shows that trying to fix the child is not the solution. It is learning to foster the good and giving praise and rewards to desired behavior.

ABA is about focusing on what we can change and not forcing what is out of our hands and helps with fixing the environment to support children so they can bloom on their own.

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