Accommodations for Autism: Work & Play

Accommodations for Autism: Work & Play

At Mobile Therapy Centers, we make accommodations for the individuals we work with every day. From providing students with a special break at school to adding a picture schedule, there are many different types of accommodations we are familiar with and incorporate into our ABA Therapy sessions.

Each child has their own customized therapy session, so no two sessions are alike. We know how important it is to make things easy for our clients, as well as children and family members, with autism during learning.

Did you know accommodations can also be used to help provide opportunities for fun?

It is such a joy every time we see that the community has taken an initiative to modify activities so our kids with autism can participate, feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. Movie theaters have begun having special showings with sensory accomodations and local baseball teams have begun having special nights for children with autism.

One event we were really excited to hear about this past year was the Blue Man Group, an iconic, loud, exciting group. They hosted a special performance in Chicago that was modified for individuals with autism. The show had areas available for sensory breaks and free headphones available upon request.

Thank you Blue Man Group for being a part of the movement of making accommodations to increase fun! We hope that more businesses, restaurants, teams, groups and clubs join the movement!

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